The Place of Thanksgiving

“I will pay my vows unto the LORD now in the presence of all his people, In the courts of the LORD'S house, in the midst of thee, O Jerusalem. Praise ye the LORD.” (Psalms 116:18-19) In Psalms 116:17-18, the Psalmist said that he would first, “offer … [Read more]

The Command of Thanksgiving

“Offer unto God thanksgiving…” (Psalms 50:14a) The first mention of an offering of “thanksgiving” is found in Leviticus 7:12. Moses called it, “the sacrifice of thanksgiving”; which had reference to verse 11, which speaks of the sacrifice of peace … [Read more]

Show Up for God

I have seen a disturbing amount of people in prison who stop coming to a Bible study or church services or prayer groups because of what someone else is failing to do, or because some other person is not living up to their idea of what a Christian … [Read more]

The Concern

“What is thy beloved more than another beloved, O thou fairest among women? what is thy beloved more than another beloved, that thou dost so charge us?” (Song of Solomon 5:9) Their first question is, “What is thy beloved more than another beloved.” … [Read more]

Stupid Cow

A proud Christian is a Stupid Cow! By “Stupid Cow,” of course, I mean what those people, who are smarter than I am, call an oxymoron! That’s when two things are put together that don’t go together. A “meat-eating vegetarian,” for example, is an … [Read more]

Just a Little Reminder: Part II

“Now when John had heard in the prison the works of Christ, he sent two of his disciples, And said unto him, Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another? Jesus answered and said unto them, Go and shew John again those things which ye do … [Read more]